Wednesday Night Happy Hour Special (5PM - Close):     $18 / Hour Game Time
(All Tax included in pricing)

Open Play

When you get the urge to just play laser tag, Battlefield Houston is the perfect place to feed that need.  Our Open Play (walk-in) policy is very generous and allows you to come in without a reservation and play the newest and fun style of laser tag.  Taking scenario based gaming similar to Call of Duty(tm), Battlefield(tm) and Halo, generating live gaming scenarios, and encouraging team building and communication, Battlefield Houston has brought you to a new level of laser tag gaming.

Our walk-in players do not require a reservation as long as capacity is available.  Our open play times are our open hours that are posted as our "Hours Open."  This doesn't mean that a large number of players haven't reserved those times during the day though.  You can pre-purchase  your timeslot online using our reservation system, or just come on in and play.  Usually the longest wait is 30 minutes.

Our games start every 30 minutes and you can purchase 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 2 HOURS of laser tag.  With over 30 missions that we play, there is always a great game going on.

Pricing (tax included):

30 Minutes of Laser tag:   $14.50 
60 Minutes of Laser tag: $23
90 Minutes of Laser tag: $34
120 Minutes of Laser Tag: $43.50