Corporate Group


 Teambuilding Lasertag

When parties or events get large, it's more cost efficient to book our Group rates.  They include a specific number of guns and unlimited number of players.  This is ideal for very large birthday parties, youth groups, corporate events and carnivals/fairs/fundraisers. 

Group Rates:

1.5-Hours Group Event: $799
$250 Deposit

Addtl. Half-Hrs: $199

Includes 30 Lasertag Guns

The Group event is a very economical way to have your group outing and entertain everyone. Inside your warehouse, office building, company picnic, we have a great way to do teambuilding and more.

The Group Events make the most sense when you have more than 30 attendees. We can generally run approximately 100 people through multiple games in two hours. We have run extremely large groups in four hours. Once you have learned how the guns operate, the turn-around time between games is greatly decreased and the flow moves quickly.

If you have less than 30 people in your group, consider selecting the Party option and see the multiple pricing options available.

1.5-Hours Group Event: $999

Addtl. Half-Hrs: $249

Includes 40 Lasertag Guns

Increase the throughput of your event by using 40 guns. This handles a larger group and allows each player to play more games during the two or more hour event.

Book your event now online by clicking the RESERVE ONLINE button on our menu, give us a call at 713.409.1990, or an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Let us customize something for you!



Corporate Events for Laser Tag

Battlefield Houston is perfect for your next group outing or lock-in. Our mobility gives you the option to hold your event at your office, local park, company picnic and more.  You can combine it with your other activities or let us lead you through several team building excercises.  Include us in your next plans for a great get together! Outdoor laser tag that can be played indoor or out, day or night!