About Us

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Battlefield Houston was created from an idea while traveling in Asia.  I signed up to play laser tag in Beijing and wasn't expecting something outdoor and so realistic.  The thrill of paintball at the cost of laser tag.  I knew we needed something like that here in Houston.  After several months of reserach to perfect the business model, Battlefield Houston was born.

We started as a mobile team and covered the greater Houston area and beyond.  In 2012, I was able to finally reach a new level by opening the first indoor Battlefield Houston.  Creating the largest indoor tactical battlefield in the United States, we have not looked back and want to continue to grow.  With new props and new games being created in the Battlefield Engineering labs, we will continue to innovate in laser tag and bring the best style of laser tag to you from our Mobile team or come and see us at 11755 W. Little York, Houston, TX.

You have to play the game to get the difference. 

"This was the best laser tag I have ever played!" - Daniel (23)


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