Laser Tag Houston
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    Time to redefine the way you play!

       Open to Walk-Ins and Group Reservations.

    Come experience the tactical style of laser tag.  Mission based games 
    including Domination, Search and Destory, Sniper, Hitman and more!




 Laser Tag Gun with Red Dot Scope

Battlefield Houston has taken the game of laser tag and completely changed the way you expect to play.  Forget what you think you know about laser tag.  No black lights, no smoke filled rooms, no score sheets...  We have created more than 30 missions that can be played on the largest indoor tactical battlefield in the U.S. or let our mobile team bring laser tag to you!



Wednesday Night Happy Hour Special (5PM - Close):     $15 / Hour Game Time
(All Tax included in pricing)

Indoor Laser Tag Birthday Lock-in Corporate Mobile Laser Tag Birthday Church Corporate
  • Rating

    "Laser tag... OH YEAH!"

    My sister-in-law is an Air Force Veteran and it reminded her of the team building skills they taught in the military. - Yvonne

  • Rating

    "Facilities are clean..."

    ... and the equipment very modern.  We played 4 different games and got a heck of a workout over the hour that we were there.- Ken

  • Rating

    "...up to 50 people"

     I've played where there were 40+ people in the game, and with as few as five - Edward

  • Rating

    "Awesome place. "

    Went there with my friends who came to the states this winter holidays. Had a blast. Will go back again. - Karen

  • Rating

    "...son's 12th birthday... 

    ...and had a BLAST!  It's not like regular laser tag where you just run around and shoot at people randomly. - Kim

  • Rating

    "...playing Call of Duty"

    ... my 1st time in a while since I went lasertagging, it was very fun. I recommend it for all ages. - Eddie

  • Rating

    "M4 rifles. "

    Guns are modeled after M4 rifles.  Best thing about it, I don't have to wear those heavy sweaty vests!  - Jennifer

  • Rating

    "Well worth it"

    Very fun for the kids - LeKendra

  • Rating

    So many games!

    I dominated the battelfield and actually carried the bomb! - Ted