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Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars of Houston

Perfect for your next birthday party or team celebration.  Ideal for age groups 6 and above.

Plan your next event with Battlefield Houston's latest add-on to our Battlefield.  Nerf Wars are the greatest game that spans a large age group.  We recommend 6+ (younger than 6 tend to not be strong enough to load the gun).  

Players take their position on our Battlefield ready to do battle.  We have team based games and individual missions.  Game play includes a Nerf Gun, Ammo and safety glasses.  Did I mention that they would be playing on the largest indoor Battlefield in the United States!

Pricing Information for Nerf Wars Birthday Party

Nerf Birthday Party Houston

Birthday Parties for Nerf games have a restricted time frame and Nerf is not available during our normal operating hours.  Nerf events must be reserved in advanced and not available for walk-in.

Nerf Birthday Party

Private Event

Birthday Party includes up to 18 players with Nerf Gun, Safety Goggles (you can substitute eyeglasses), and ammo, bottle of water for each player, private party room and a customized dogtag for the guest of honor. 

$399 for up to 18 Players

$18 for Each Additional Player

Rules of Engagement

Players must follow the rules:

  • No Physical Contact.  Hitting, kicking, pushing, pulling or physical attacking is not allowed.  We ask that parents help us ensure that kids understand they will be immediately removed from game play.  The only physical contact that should be made with another player is in the form of tapping, which is used to "revive" someone, or to save them from a hostage situation.
  • Always Wear Eye Protection.  Eyewear is critical and required at all times during the game sessions.  While face shots are not allowed, accidents happen and it is important to stay protected.
  • No Intentional Face Shots.  We know accidents happen and that's okay.  Simply apologize for a face shot and move on.  However repeated or intential face shots can get a player removed from the games.
  • Play Honestly.  If you get hit, that makes you dead or wounded based on the mission.  Make sure to play fair.
  • No Intentional Equipment Damage.  Do not drop, throw or otherwise damage the equipment.  Games might not alway go the way you want, but do not damage the equipment as a result.  
  • No Outside Nerf Equipment. Restricted to Battlefield Houston's Nerf Equipment.  No exceptions.