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Armory Outdoor

Our Armory for the mobile team has been custom designed to again achieve our goal of providing the best equipment to our battlefield players.  No need for those heavy vests because sensors go on the head.  This means that head-shots count!  If you peak around a corner or over a wall to see if the other team is approaching, you risk taking a hit... which is the way it should be!

The Battlefield Houston Outdoor Armory is elite. Designed for long range and rugged play, we create the fun through innovative games.


Rounds/Mag: 30
Magazines:  6 (Default)
Range: Over 65 Yards
Weight: 4.4 lbs
Height: 13"
Length: 16"

The scorpion is the easiest gun to aim and the lightest weight. This gun is ideal for "Capture the Flag" games when you want to do a lot of running. This is the smallest gun in our arsenal and therefore the lightest weight. While 4.4 lbs doesn't sound heavy, it will give you a good workout on the battlefield.

Commando Carbine

Rounds/Mag: 30
Magazines: 8 (Default)
Range: over 80 yards
Weight: 7 lbs
Height: 13"
Lenght: 22" - 28" (Stock Adjustable)

This gun is a great combination between compact design and huge firepower. With an adjustable stock for a wide range of gamers, this gun is designed for medium range assault. The Commando supports both single fire (sniper) and fully automatic modes. This gun is ideal in "Capture the Flag" as a base defender. Keep the enemies out and defend your team!

Morita Squad Weapon

Rounds/Mag: 99
Magazines: 8 (Default)
Weight: 8.8 lbs
Height: 13
Length: 32" - 38" (Stock Adjustable)

The Morita SAW is best as a sniper weapon. This heavy gun is intimidating and can take out your targets at over 100 yards. For defending the base or defending your team, this gun will make an impression. Given the power of the gun, we only use this outdoors!

Claymore Mine

Effects:  BOOM!!
Configurations: 3
Range: Short
Weight: 4 lbs
Height: 9"
Length: 7"

The Claymore Mine is designed to quickly remove your enemies.  Combined with games like Capture-the-Flag and Deathmatch with Respawn, your skills are greatly tested.  With multi functions such as claymore (instant death), normal mine (single point damage) and dirty mine (radioactive leakage for over 20 seconds), this bomb will change the way you play lasertag!