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Gift Certificates


Battlefield Houston's Gift card program is the best way to make sure your friends and family can enjoy their time on the Battlefield.     

Our style of laser tag is different from the regular style that most players are familiar with.  We play objective based missions where teams work together to achieve those objectives.  With missions like Rescue the Hostage, Domination, Search and Destroy, and so much more, players get a new experience each time they play.  Unlike most laser tag arenas out there that are 1500 to 2500 sq-ft in size, our battlefield is over 11,000 sq-ft.  This is the largest in the United States!  That also means that we have a large capacity with the ability to put over 50 players on the battlefield at once. 

It's nothing like any other laser tag. Way better!


Q: Can I get a refund on my gift card?

Gift cards are non-refundable.  Their value does not expire, but the card can not be replaced so please be sure to keep up with it.

Q: How much can I put on a gift card?

A gift card can hold any amount and can be used to purchase things at our front counter similar to cash including snacks, drinks, VR time, and lasertag time.

Q: What is a dogtag?

A: A dogtag is a standard military style metal dogtag with chain.  You can imprint 5 lines of text with 15 characters per line, including spaces.  No special characters such as smiley faces, etc or symbols.  Letters are all caps.

Q: Do they Expire?

A: Yes, all passes/coupons have an expiration date.  No exceptions are made, so please use them before the expiration date. Gift cards do not expire.

Q: Can I combine 2 30 minute passes (Gold Dogtags) and play for an hour?

A: Yes, these passes can be combined for a single player or shared with family and friends.