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The Importance of Simulation Technology and Tactical Training in the Real World

Technology today spans across huge horizons, from smartphones and tablets to weapons and aircrafts. The use of these technologies has begun to overlap the plains of serious and fun, creating a world where the same technology used to text a friend could end up one day saving your life.

The newest technology and innovation used on the battlefield and within law enforcement is surprisingly similar to today’s laser tag games. These games are mission-based, much like the Call of Duty video game, or more importantly, like real-life military tactical scenarios. The significance of this technology is unparalleled when it comes to the safety and training of our armed forces. Simulated weapons and missions, tactical battlefield arenas, and invaluable field experience come from this innovative technology; the same technology that once began as a glowing game of tag inspired by Star Wars. Today, it is what keeps us safe from our enemies.

The tactical training that comes from simulations is repetitive and enduring, allowing military forces to “practice” the art of war. The scenarios are real, the missions are tough, but the threat of harm to each other is eliminated by using simulated guns and bombs. There is no other technology like it that can provide the training needed to work together as a team in warfare situations.  

So the next time you are on the battlefield with your friends, remember to take it a little more seriously, and perhaps you will gain some real-life, invaluable skills for the future.