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Time to redefine the way you play!

       Open to Walk-Ins and Group Reservations.

Welcome to Battlefield Houston

At Battlefield Houston, we think it's about time to redefine the way you play. Come experience the largest indoor tactical battlefield in the US and discover the tactical style of laser tag through challenging and thrilling mission scenarios, including Domination, Search and Destroy, Sniper, Hitman and more. Our adrenaline filled location places players into live combat with the most advanced laser tag equipment available. It's just like stepping into a live video game.


If you enjoyed playing traditional laser tag, we're confident that you'll love our urban combat simulation that takes laser tag to the next level. You can step into the combat zone knowing that you're getting the best of the best when it comes to equipment and missions. We pride ourselves on the highest quality laser tag guns that feel; look and sound just like the real thing. Our missions are just as important. With years of experience in this industry, our missions are top-notch and tested to perfection. No matter your skill level, you're guaranteed a role to play in the missions you're assigned.

If you're ready to put down the controller, and pick up the laser gun, we'll even bring the game to you. Our mobile laser tag game is perfect for birthday parties, youth groups and corporate events at discounted rates. You don't have to be celebrating to enjoy what we're offering. When you're looking for something fun to do in Houston we also offer walk-in play and a Wednesday Night Happy Hour Special. We'll get you out on the battlefield in no time.

Battlefield Houston is dedicated to making the game real. Our innovative and interactive tactical laser tag experience put's the game in your hands. As a cross between paintball, airsoft and traditional laser tag with all of the options of a video game, it's sure to be memorable and exhilarating for every player.

Reservations can be made online for our indoor arena or for our mobile laser tag. You can also make a reservation by calling (713) 409-1990. We don't just play the game at Battlefield Houston; we live the game.


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Wednesday/Thursday Night Happy Hour Special (Open - Close):

    30 Min Game: $11.50   60 Min Game: $19 (Taxes Included)

ideas for corporate events

Teambuilding goes beyond playing laser tag together.  Companies want their employees to have fun, but imrpove communication, work together as a team, focus on corporate objectives and enjoy work.  Taking a break is the best option for doing just that.  If your team needs a way to do teambuilding, off-campus strategy sessions, or you have out-of-town guests that need to experience something unique to Houston and they are looking for things to do in Houston, Battlefield Houston is your place.

We have three meeting rooms, a large space for group meetings on the battlefield, projectors, and all things to make your off-site business meetings productive.  We have an experienced team that can help organize and facilitate your meetings, and the games to help improve communication.  If your team is spread out around Houston or even around the world, come visit Battlefield Houston to gain insight and improve your team.

Custom events are priced as requested.  Call our Corporate team to discuss the goals, meeting space, catering, and more.  Our pricing is competitive and we even work with our local hotels for larger conferencing space.

Fill out our request for quote form and get the following benefits:

  • 10 Guests minimum, no maximum
  • Options of unlimited game time for 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours or full day events.
  • Scheduled in our non-open play hours to exclusively reserve the battlefield and lobby for your team.
  • Drinks, snacks, and catering available upon request.  BYOB optional, fee required.
  • Customized missions to fit your team goals for specific objectives or just fun!

Our Armory for our Indoor location is designed for the most realistic feel including the actual M4 adjustable stock.  All of the guns include a red-dot scope.  The guns are so accurate that holding the gun down by your side and swinging it back and forth while firing is the most inefficient way of playing the game.  We place the sensors on the head so players don't have to wear those bulky vests and of course, head shots count!


M4-250 Special Forces

group activities in houston
over 1000'
4.1 lbs

The M4-250 Special Forces laser tag gun is designed for fast reactions and will ensure you can win the game. Light weight and pricise aim, the red-dot scoped equipped gun will change your opinion of how lasertag is played.


 More gun designs are in development, but our top priority is on next generation props for our battlefield.  You may not have seen our Domination cubes or the time bomb unless you have played with us, but the new props that engineering is developing are amazing.  The first of them should be released in late 3Q13.

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  • Rating

    "Laser tag... OH YEAH!"

    My sister-in-law is an Air Force Veteran and it reminded her of the team building skills they taught in the military. - Yvonne

  • Rating

    "Facilities are clean..."

    ... and the equipment very modern.  We played 4 different games and got a heck of a workout over the hour that we were there.- Ken

  • Rating

    "...up to 50 people"

     I've played where there were 40+ people in the game, and with as few as five - Edward

  • Rating

    "Awesome place. "

    Went there with my friends who came to the states this winter holidays. Had a blast. Will go back again. - Karen

  • Rating

    "...son's 12th birthday... 

    ...and had a BLAST!  It's not like regular laser tag where you just run around and shoot at people randomly. - Kim

  • Rating

    "...playing Call of Duty"

    ... my 1st time in a while since I went lasertagging, it was very fun. I recommend it for all ages. - Eddie

  • Rating

    "M4 rifles. "

    Guns are modeled after M4 rifles.  Best thing about it, I don't have to wear those heavy sweaty vests!  - Jennifer

  • Rating

    "Well worth it"

    Very fun for the kids - LeKendra

  • Rating

    So many games!

    I dominated the battelfield and actually carried the bomb! - Ted